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We are an architectural design office based in Tokyo. While considering what kind of space fits the times, I always design with the belief that maintaining an honest yearning for the universal will create the richness of life.


Design Policy

When I design, I always think about the outside. I think about how much I can feel the changing rain, wind, and light. I believe that the most rational way to enrich a living space is to feel the outside.
I have loved drawing pictures since I was a child. Through drawing, I have learned to look at things closely, how they are made and how they look. I reflect this experience in my work.
I currently live with my wife and daughter in an apartment that I renovated myself. Living with my family in an environment I created myself has made me think about housing all over again.







Azuma Shoji

1st class Architect

一級建築士事務所 東章司建築研究所 東京都知事登録 第54761号

代表:東章司(あずま しょうじ)

1969年 東京生まれ 一級建築士登録 第332201



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